Email Update - 11/19/14

Wanted to send out another update, with some info and some reminders.

As of this evening, we have reached $6,515 in confirmed or received donations! We have only heard from a few committee members (5) regarding the donations collected, so we're hoping that there are more of you that are soliciting donations and you just haven't reported them yet. We need everyone involved in getting the donations. Businesses and individuals are welcomed to donate. No offer is too small, or too big! : )

When you reach out to a company, please send an email to this address with the following info:

  • Name of company/organization

  • Whether a donation is expected

  • Amount of donation (if known)

  • Also, if their donation is $100 or above, please let them know their name/business will be listed on the Donor page of our website. If they do NOT want to be listed, please let me know, otherwise, I will list it.

Checks should be made out to Elkton FOP Lodge 124 and forwarded to Shannon Comley (EPD). Online donations are accepted, but if the giver has no preference, the check donations are fee-free, the online donations are not.

We need this information as soon as you have it so that Heather Coudon can work on the list of kids. We don't want to over-commit or under-commit the number of children we can help this year.

Last year, we escorted 22 individuals. This year we wanted to increase that number, and we set a goal at a minimum of 30 children, with the hopes of receiving enough donations to serve up to 50 children, with a range of between $250-300 per child. Right now we are just shy of the amount needed to serve the 30 kids at $250, so it looks like we will definitely be going over the 30. What this means is that we need more uniformed LEO to escort these children.

We currently have only 17 uniformed members signed up to help. Please, talk to your fellow uniformed employees, encourage them to commit to help. They can respond to any committee member from their division, and/or to this email address. Please forward any names to me at this email so I can add them to our list. We' d love to have each child have an the one-on-one attention of an officer. To do this, we need more help.

I am attaching a bunch of sign-up sheets - one for each of the agencies that have volunteered to be a part. Please, one member of the committee from each agency, take the sign-up sheet and either collect volunteers or put it in a public place at your agency to allow others to sign-up. Please keep track of the sheet and let me know who signs up. (scan and email or type the volunteers) Please bring the sheets to the next committee meeting as well, so we can figure out what resources we still need.

I'm going to try to keep my updates to only once or twice a week, to keep everyone in the loop. If you have anything you would like to add, or there is anything on the site you would like me to correct / update, please don't hesitate to let me know.

Have a good week,


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