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Email Update - 11/14/14

A copy of the email that was sent to committee members on 11/15/14

Good afternoon,

Just wanted to take a moment to update everyone.

First - to those new to the emails, Welcome! How wonderful to have so many people willing to be a part of this amazing event!

Some basic info:

Event scheduled for 12/13/14 (9 am staging at Fire Hall, shopping until about 11:30, then return to Fire Hall for wrapping and party)

Donations being accepted via cash, check or online. Checks should be written to Elkton FOP Lodge 124.

Website for the event: Link to online donations is there.

Committee Member Page: Private page on the website with updates on our progress, meetings, etc. Password Protected. Use "SierraCharlie" to gain access.

Flyer is attached. One version for public/businesses/organizations. One for Law Enforcement.

Now for the updates . . .

So far, from the donations that I am aware of, we are at $3,690! That is amazing!!!

I have tried to keep the list on the Committee Member page of the website updated with the solicited companies that you have sent to me along with the results. If you know of organizations or companies that you have reached out to that I don't have listed, please let me know so I can keep everyone up to date.

This is what I have so far:

  • Walmart - $1,000 donated and has arranged with UTZ and Coke to donate for the party (In addition to everything else they are doing for us!)

  • Ag Industrial

  • Cecil County Fair Board

  • Shagrin Gas - $200 promised

  • Jim's Car Care

  • ATK

  • WC Logan

  • Todd's Trucking

  • Altra Lawncare & Landscaping - Donation pending

  • Slavin Insurance Agency

  • Buttonwood Beach - Donation pending

  • Nino's Pizza

  • Elkton FOP Lodge 124 - $1,000 promised

  • Extreme Towing - $500 received (First ONLINE donation!!!)

  • Envy Salon - Donation pending

  • State Line Liquors - Donation pending

  • Milburn Orchards

  • Cecil County Sheriff's Office FOP - Donation pending

  • Terry Edmanson (Elk Cab) - $60

  • Jeremy Alexander - $30

  • Harvey Heath - $200

  • Janie Wright - $200

  • American Partner Technologies, LLC.

  • SSC, LLC.

  • Crothers Insurance - $500 promised

  • Johnston's Liquors - Donation pending

Some things that have come up since our meeting this week:


- Preference is to have a uniformed officer pick up the donations in person if possible, so they see where the donations are going and can be thanked in person. We realize this is not always possible, but just thought it was a nice touch.

- I believe Shannon Comley (EPD) volunteered to be the 'funnel' for all the checks. Shannon - how would you prefer that people get the checks to you to take to the Elkton FOP for cashing?

- If it is a cash donation, please make sure you have a name and address. We send out a hand-written thank you note, with a picture from the event, to each and every donor.

- Online donations are up and working! Chose to use PayPal as the system as they charged about half per transaction when compared to GoFundMe.

Food Donations

- Tammy agreed to coordinate the food donations so if you know of a donation coming in, please let Tammy know.

- In the minutes from the meeting I incorrectly stated that donations needed to be brought to the "barrack", they need to come to the Fire Hall.

Goods/Services Donations

- I have added a spot on the website to recognize those donating non-monetary items to the event. I plan to list all the food donators there as well as they are confirmed.

Child Requests

- We have already started receiving individual requests from people who want their kids to be involved. I got in contact with Heather and we decided that for now, we continue with the plan to source only through Heather. If for some reason, there is an opening and we can accommodate those requests, we will decide at that time. For now I have put a message on the website above the contact form that we are not accepting requests for children.

Somethings to consider for the next meeting - Are we going to decorate the fire hall? What will we be allowed to do for decorations? Paper goods & plastic ware?

Sorry for being so wordy! Just wanted to get the info out.

Have a good evening and thank you ALL for your participation.


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